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Discovery tours
There are numerous pedestrian, cycling and motoring routes in the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois. Some of them combine walking effort with the discovery of the local natural or architectural heritage, as the Pays is full of unsuspected sites and monuments and of excitingly varied landscapes.
Next to Burgundy and Berry, the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois has two walks of Saint Jacques de Compostelle running across it from east to west.

These walks use Via Lemovicensis from Vézelay (and also Belgium and Rhineland) to Saint Jean Pied de Port via Bourges or Saint Amand Montrond, then Limoges and Périgueux, and thence to Spain.
It is today one of the most used historical routes to Puente La Reina, then to Compostelle in Galicia by “El camino francès” (“the French walk”).

On these waymarked spiritual or hiking routes, you will appreciate the gentleness and quality of the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois environment.
Southern itinerary

This route goes through Nevers to Saint Amand Montrond. From Nevers, the pilgrims crossed the River Allier at the Bec d’Allier (commune of Cuffy), then walked through the communes of La Guerche sur l’Aubois and La Chapelle Hugon, along the Vallée de l’Aubois to Sancoins where they was a hôtel-dieu. There is still in this commune a Saint Jacques street named after a Saint Jacques chapel.
For the peacefulness of pilgrims and hikers, the southern route follows the RD 45 and RD 100 through Cuffy and Apremont sur Allier. After a shady walk through the superb forest of deciduous trees of Apremont on small quiet minor roads to La Chapelle Hugon, the route runs along the towpath of the Berry canal to Saint Amand Montrond.

  See the description of the southern itinerary (document PDF / 260 ko)

Northern itinerary

This route is very important because it serves La Charité sur Loire where there is a daughter Abbey to the Cluny Abbey, whose Priory is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
After the Val de Loire, this route runs westwards in the Champagne Berrichonne, passing through the communes of La Chapelle Montlinard, Saint Martin des Champs, and Sancergues whose parish is dedicated to Saint Jacques. Then the walk passes through the communes of Charentonnay and Couy to reach Bourges, whose cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  See the description of the northern itinerary (document PDF / 289 ko)


The presence of beautiful 11th and 12th century Romanesque churches in the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois is explained by the slow emergence of Christianity, its wide coverage, the durability of its monuments, and their various architectural forms.
A waymarked road tour will enable you to appreciate their quality, as Berry, through its roads and rivers, traditionally was a province having relations with the major monasteries of Romanesque France.

  See the map of the Romanesque Berry churches (document PDF / 295 ko)

 See the description of the Romanesque Berry churches tour (document PDF / 2 197 ko)


With a stork as an emblem, the Val d’Allier is one of the best-preserved landscape spots in the département of Cher and the Centre Region. Since 1998, an agri-environmental scheme, born out of the will of farmers, has been implemented in three communes of the Pays: Apremont sur Allier, Neuvy le Barrois, and Mornay sur Allier.

To make visitors aware of the ecological wealth of the Val d’Allier, the “Les amis du Val d’Allier” association has waymarked and regularly maintains three discovery trails which start in front of the village hall of Mornay sur Allier:

  • the sentier du gour, 8 kilometres long
  • the sentier de la goutte, 15 kilometres long
  • the sentier de la croix Papu, 26 kilometres long

See the description of the Val d’Allier discovery trails (document PDF / 112 ko)