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Syndicat mixte du
Pays Loire Val d’Aubois
3 Place de la Mairie

Tél. : +33 2 48 74 23 93
Fax : +33 2 48 74 03 89

Office de tourisme du Pays Loire Val d'Aubois
1 place auguste Fournier
18150 La Guerche/l'Aubois

Tél./ Fax :
+33 2 48 74 25 60


Calendar of events
Between spring and autumn, multiple events take place in the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois. These eclectic events will make you discover or rediscover the charms of this territory in Berry.
Take advantage of your spare time to enjoy local events and festivities which combine culture, conviviality and relaxation.
Brocante  Second-hand markets and exhibitions
 Concerts, shows and conferences
 Traditional and gastronomic events, markets, and various activities