The industrial heritage

The industrial history of the Val d’Aubois
The old industrial sites
The local development project
Art and history


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The local development project

The Pays Loire Val d’Aubois has devised and started to implement a major development programme, using of the industrial heritage of the Val d’Aubois, to lay the groundwork of sustainable development. Concretely, it is matter of creating a network capable of :

  • playing the tourist card to contribute to local development ;
  • support a number of projects ;
  • preserve the memory of a singular industrial adventure.

The partnership approach has been instituted with the Centre Region and the département of Cher to support investment programmes put forward by the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois for the rehabilitation and exploitation of the industrial heritage of the Val d’Aubois.

Synergies are also sought with local enterprises which are still in business (tilery of the Aubois, Calcia cement works) in order to produce reports on the evolution of production techniques and encourage sponsorship (supply of materials, participation in events).

The industrial tourist project also involves several local associations, including :

The popularization of memory and tradition, the mobilization of local players and inhabitants is essential for the success of the project devised in the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois. It is fundamental that the population realize the importance of their heritage because the population itself is a component of this memory and because, concretely, local relays are necessary for projects to become reality and last.

The coal shed of the old smithy of Grossouvre

Located near the Tuilerie de l’Aubois, the old coal shed of the smithy of Grossouvre, a listed building, is the first building to be restored and enhanced under the responsibility of the Conseil Général of Cher.
This place is to receive some 25 000 visitors early. The project management team has brought together architects, stage designers and museum designers to set up a route highlighting the architecture of the shed as well as the theme of invention at the service of the technical conquests of humankind. 

The drying sheds of the old lime and cement factory of Beffes

The drying shed of the old lime and cement factory of Chabrolles has been for several years the property of the commune of Beffes which showed very early its interest in the industrial heritage by repairing it as well as several batteries of lime kilns.
The site is open during the heritage days and is used to organize shows.

The tilery of La Guerche sur l'Aubois

This industrial site located by the Berry canal has gone through first phase protection work. The commune is contemplating an arrangement conciliating culture and preservation of a remarkable heritage.

The old metalworks of Torteron
The commune of Torteron has acquired a major part of the land occupied by the old metalworks and carried out first phase renovation work. This site could be basically enhanced by taking advantage of the illumination of the old ruins and the creation of “industrial romantic gardens”.
The Berry canal

The Berry canal has undergone first phase work for the repair of the towpath which is now entirely passable in the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois (fifty kilometres). Highly appreciated for walking, biking or riding, this waterway is essential for the development of hiking in the Pays.

The lateral canal along the Loire
The lateral canal has benefited from the installation of high-quality tourist signage. The redevelopment of the Halts continues to attract boating users and also the users of the Loire by Bike cycling route.