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Syndicat mixte du
Pays Loire Val d’Aubois
3 Place de la Mairie

Tél. : +33 2 48 74 23 93
Fax : +33 2 48 74 03 89

The partners

The mixed syndicate of the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois is a local authority enabling communities to consult with each other and pool their resources on a scale consistent with the stakes of contemporary development, based on provident partnership, and especially to :

  • jointly organize all the thinking, and perform or have performed all the studies needed to elaborate programmes for the cultural, social and economic development of the Pays Loire Val d’Aubois;
  • take all useful steps under this plan;
  • seek and promote inter-municipal communication and solidarity;
  • provide, through collective action and the resulting synergy, moral and technical assistance from the largest, better structured and more fortunate communes to the smallest, least fortunate communes...